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July 2024 - Comming soon...
June 2024
440 Floral Background Images Bundle

440 Images

500 Vibrant Robot Designs

500 Images

800 Unique Hipster Animal Artworks

800 Images

300 Colorful Sky and Starry Night

300 Images

May 2024

Download 550 Adorable Nerd Animals with Glasses

Unlock the charm of 550 adorable nerdy animals with glasses! This unique bundle is perfect for adding a quirky touch to your projects and it is available exclusively on Mimozastudio.com

Exclusive only on Mimozastudio.com

790 Howling Animal Images: Textured, High-Res Art Collection

790 Images

330 Love-Themed High-Resolution JPG Images for Valentine's

330 Images

April 2024
390 Unique 3D Character Images - Diverse Professions

390 Images

380 Unique, Hard-to-Find Retro Love Posters

380 Images

550 Vibrant Chibi Animal Images Collection

550 Images

Adorable Animal Friends Art Collection - 540 High-Resolution Images with Commercial License

540 Images

March 2024
1180 Premium Dog Breed Images: High-Resolution, Transparent & White Background

1180 Images

840 Animal Canvas Art Collection: Vibrant, Unique, and Ready for Print-on-Demand!

840 Images

Whimsical Expressions: 490 Vibrant Surprised Cartoon Animal Portraits

490 Images

Stunning Floral & Starry Sky Images - High-Resolution, Colorful, Commercial Use - 470 JPG Collection

470 Images

February 2024
A Comprehensive Collection of 400 Animals Captured in the Timeless Art of Linocut Printmaking

400 Images

550 Stylized Animal Portraits, Green-Themed Colorful Digital Artwork with Commercial License

550 Images

Neon Animal Heads Digital Art Collection - 550 JPG Images with Commercial License, Colorful and Vibrant

550 Images

Vibrant Watercolor Christmas Illustrations! Christmas Tree, Santa Claus, Snowflakes, and More!

390 Images

January 2024
570 Cool Animals in Fashion: Surreal & Colourful JPG Images, Commercial License Included

570 Images

Discover our surreal, colourful collection of cool animals adorned in fashion clothes. 

400 Close-Up Women Portraits: Diverse Countries, Selective Color, Commercial License

400 Images

Dive into a captivating collection of close-up women portraitsfromdiverse countriesacross the globe.

Watercolor Airplane PNG Collection: 350 Vintage Fighter and Bomber Plane Illustrations with Commercial License

350 Images

Dive into the colorful world of vintage aircraft with this exquisite collection of watercolor airplane PNGs, showcasing iconic models

Whimsical Peekaboo Animals in Snow PNG Collection - Vibrant Christmas Themed Digital Images

440 Images

Immerse yourself into a winter wonderland with our Peekaboo Animals, Christmas PNG, and Snowy Clipart collection!

December 2023
550 Watercolor Plant & Fruit Pot Images - Vibrant PNG Cliparts with Transparent and White Backgrounds

315 PNG files

Enhance your creative projects with our vibrant, watercolor-style house plants, fruits, and vegetables PNG cliparts. 

Mammal Animal Photography: 2250 High-Resolution Commercial License Images

2250 png files

Explore a diverse collection of high-resolution mammal photographs - 2250 High-Resolution Commercial License Images

Mascot Animal PNG Bundle - 315 Colorful & Surreal Animal Images, Commercial License

315 PNG files

Get your hands on our exclusive collection of 315 colorful, high-resolution, mascot animal PNG images with a surreal twist.

Colorful Surreal Food Images: Magical & Dreamy PNG Illustrations with Commercial License

187 png files

Dive into a world of colorful, surreal, magicaldelicacies with our collection of 187 high-resolution food images. 

November 2023
280 Animal Santa Hat PNGs: Dogs, Cats, Christmas Clipart, Commercial License Included

280 PNG files

Get ready for the holiday season with our vibrant collection of 280 Animal Santa Hat PNGs!

400 Surreal Chibi Style Animal Clipart High-Resolution JPGs, Commercial License Included

400 jPG files

Unlock a whimsical world with our Surreal Chibi Animal Clipart Bundle! 

860+ Colorful PNG Poster Images

860 PNG files

Immerse yourself in a visually stunning collection of 860+ colorful PNG poster images featuring astral adventures, celestial beauty, space exploration, alien worlds, blooming gardens, and so much more.

195 Premium Watercolor Bows & Gifts

195 PNG files

Discover our versatile, high-resolution Transparent Watercolor Bows & Gifts Collection. Packed with 195 PNG images with transparent backgrounds, this bundle offers endless design possibilities.

October 2023
187 Premium PNG Images of Fashionable Mens

187 PNG files

Elevate your creative work with our select compilation of 187 high-end men's fashion images! These PNG portraits, bursting with color and resolution, embody contemporary sophistication, charm, and style. 

200 Images Featuring Stylish Womens

200 PNG files

Plunge into our expertly selected suite of 200 vivid, high-resolution PNG images showcasing women clad in the latest fashion trends, sporting designer shades, and adorned with luxury accessories. 

Halloween PNG Illustrations - Ghosts, Witches, Black Cats & More! High-Resolution Digital Images for Commercial Use

240 PNG files

Dive into a world of spooks with our Halloween-themed illustrations! This collection includes ghosts, witches, black cats, haunted castles, and much more. Perfect for your commercial projects, DIY crafts, or just to bring the Halloween spirit to life. 

Fall in Love with Autumn: 290 High-Res Animal Illustrations

290 PNG files

Dive into a mesmerizing world of autumn-themed cute animals like foxes, bats, bees, and more! This collection of 290 PNG illustrations offers high-resolution images of endearing animals including a cute alien, astronaut, bat, bee, fox, and many more

September 2023
Psychedelic Cat Breed Images - 830 High-Resolution PNGs with Commercial License

830 PNG files

Immerse yourself in a world of whimsy with these colourful, psychedelic cat breed images. Each PNG file features vibrant hues, artistically representing 830 unique images with different cat breeds.

Minimalist Animal Art PNGs, 2D & 3D Cartoonish Designs, High-Resolution Colorful Graphics

400 PNG files

Dive into our collection of minimalist animal art PNGs, boasting both 3D realism and 2D cartoonish styles. These colorful, high-resolution images are perfect for a myriad of creative projects.

Men of the World: 120 High-Resolution, Commercial Use PNGs Showcasing Stylish Men from Diverse Cultures

120 PNG files

From the chic French man, the dapper British gentleman, the sophisticated Japanese man, the stylish Italian, to the debonair Dutch man, each image stands as a testament to global fashion diversity.

Women of the World: 120 Transparent PNG Images with Portraits Across Cultures

120 PNG files

Discover the strength, resilience, creativity, and beauty of women from every corner of our shared earth, as we honor their important roles in shaping our global society. 

August 2023
Premium Halloween & Cute Illustration Bundle - 424 PNGs in Transparent and White Backgrounds

424 PNG files

Elevate your creativity with our all-inclusive pack featuring 424 distinctive Halloween and charming illustrations. Choose from both transparent and white backgrounds enhanced by soft shadows. 

800 High-Res Cat Stickers, PNG Files, Transparent & White Background, Commercial License Included

800 PNG files

With 800 unique, colourful designs and two background options (transparent and white), you can now decorate, design, and personalize like never before.

Ultimate Set of Bird Stickers: 195 Clear PNG Files with Commercial Use License

195 PNG files

Dive into our exquisite compilation of 195 high-definition bird stickers, each meticulously designed to encapsulate the true spirit of the avian species. From the commanding aura of the Bald Eagle to the vivacious hues of the Flamingo and Indian Peafowl, our stickers aim to awe and inspire. The assortment spans a diverse range of birds, featuring the likes of the African Fish Eagle, the regal Albatross, and the formidable Andean Condor. 

200 Watercolor Flower Bouquet PNGs for Your Artistic Creations

200 PNG files

Step into a realm of meticulously crafted, high-definition watercolor floral masterpieces. Our diverse digital suite, showcasing 200 distinctive Flower Bouquet PNGs, empowers you with the essentials to bring your artistic visions to life.

Each illustration in our curated set presents a bouquet, radiantly adorned with the hues of two unique flowers. 

July 2023
210 Avian Fashion Photography PNG Images Collection

210 PNG files

Step into a universe filled with color and style with our distinctive avian fashion photography compilation. This thoughtfully assembled set of 210 dynamic bird-themed PNG images is an excellent augmentation to your design assets.

200 Fruits and Vegetables Images for Copy Space

200 PNG files

Add a splash of color and life to your projects with these 200 premium, high-resolution PNG images of fruits and vegetables. Each image is perfectly set against a vibrant, clean background to create a beautiful copy space for your text. 

The Ultimate Fruity Pack: 500+ Fruit Images

500 PNG files

Boost your design work with this vibrant collection of High-Resolution, Colourful Fruit Images! Our Image Pack contains 500+ varied, commercial-use approved Fruit Graphics, ideal for creating eye-catching backgrounds, patterns, or for use as stand-alone elements in your design projects.

110 Premium Underwater & Marine Life PNG Images

110 PNG files

Dive into the breathtaking universe of aquatic creatures with our handpicked collection of 110 high-definition PNG images.

This collection serves as an essential resource for your artistic or educational pursuits.

June 2023 Update
90 Adorable Images of Birds Hiding Behind Walls

90 PNG files

This fantastic collection features 90 high-quality, unique images of birds playfully hiding behind walls. These images will surely bring joy and laughter to your life, and they're perfect for all bird enthusiasts who love a good chuckle.

180 Transparent PNG Images with Angry Fruits

180 PNG files

Get ready to add some zest to your creative projects with our 3D Angry Fruits Bundle! This collection includes 180 high-quality, transparent images featuring a unique and eye-catching assortment of fruits with a 3D look and a whole lot of attitude. 

Download 590 Sketch Cat Breed PNGs, Black & White Cat Images

590 PNG files

Inject vitality into your projects with our comprehensive collection of 590 Sketch Cat Breed PNGs!

Art Deco Woman Model Backgrounds

180 PNG files

Elevate your creative projects with these vibrant Art Deco Woman Model Backgrounds in high-definition with commercial license.

May 2023 Update
190 Cute & Playful Animal Images

190 PNG Transparent files

Discover our enchanting collection of 190 high-quality watercolor animal images, perfect for all your cute and whimsical design needs!

Plasticine Air Balloon Images Bundle - 75 Designs

75 PNG files

Introducing our vibrant collection of 75 images with plasticine air balloon images, perfect for bringing a touch of whimsy to your digital projects!

130+ Depicting Women Through the Ages

130 PNG Transparent files

This collection of exquisite watercolor images honors women throughout history and their various experiences. 

Download 760 Oil Painting Dog Breed Images

760 PNG files

Discover a stunning collection of 760 oil painting dog breed images, perfect for pet lovers, designers, and artists.

April 2023 Update
370 Transparent PNG Cat Graphics for Creative Projects

370 PNG Transparent files

This exceptional collection comprises 370 high-quality, unique cat images in both 3D and cartoon styles.

750 Cute Dog Breed Images 

750 Transparent PNG files

This collection features a whopping 750 unique, high-quality images of your favorite dog breeds each carefully designed to have a 3D look.

Download 200 Unique Animal Images Bundle

200 PNG files

Looking for high-quality animal images to use in your next project or design?
Look no further than our stunning collection of 200 unique animal prints!

750 Transparent PNG Watercolor Dog Images

750 Transparent PNG files

Ultimate Dog Breed Bundle, featuring 750 transparent images of a wide variety of dog breeds! This versatile and unique collection is perfect for all dog lovers, crafters, digital artists, and designers.

March 2023 Update
390 Whimsical Baby Illustrations in Business Attire

390 PNG files

Are you tired of the same old clipart and graphics? Looking for something fresh, fun, and memorable to add to your projects? Look no further than our exclusive bundle of 390 adorable baby animal illustrations in business suits!

320 High-Quality Images of Mushroom Species

320 PNG files

Are you a nature enthusiast or a mushroom researcher looking to expand your collection?

Look no further than this incredible bundle of 320 high-quality images of mushroom species!

Ultimate Bundle of Love with 180 Valentine's Day Hearts

180 PNG files

Are you looking to add a touch of love to your designs this Valentine's Day? Look no further! Our Valentine's Day Clipart collection features amazing hearts, cute red hearts, romantic ornaments, and more! Perfect for wedding invitations, digital designs, and DIY projects.

160 Valentine's Day Images for Your Designs

160 PNG files

Make your designs stand out with our collection of 160 stunning images featuring charming small houses with barn doors. Whether you're a graphic designer, marketer, or blogger, our images are perfect for adding a touch of rustic charm to your projects. 

February 2023 Update
Collection of 390 Animal Bridal Images

390 PNG files

Introducing a unique collection of 390 photos of animals wearing gorgeous wedding clothes. Perfect for graphic designers, wedding and event planners, or anybody wishing to add a dash of whimsy to their projects. 

310 Unbelievable Hobbit Houses

310 PNG files

Explore the charm and whimsy of hobbit houses with our exclusive collection of 310 high-resolution images. From cozy cottages nestled in the hills to grand underground homes, this collection offers a diverse range of hobbit architecture.

Download 180 Psychedelic Eyes - Add Color and Creativity to Your Designs

180 PNG files

Are you in need of some eye-catching visuals for your business or creative project? Look no further! Our product features 180 colorful psychedelic eyes that are sure to grab attention and add a unique touch to any design.

Download 340 Stunning Bouquet Images for Commercial Use

340 PNG files

This collection includes a wide range of bouquet images suitable for a variety of occasions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and more. Each bouquet is unique with the freshest and most vibrant flowers available.

January 2023 Update
380 Amazing and Unique Fashion Animals 

385 PNG files

This bundle of 380 Amazing and Unique Fashion Animals is perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of personality to your clothing, accessories, and home decor.

250 Images with Gorgeous Floral Arrangements

250 PNG files

With this collection of 250 high-quality images depicting gorgeous floral arrangements, you can add a dash of beauty and sophistication to your project.

Download 240 with glowing jellyfish images

240 PNG files

You won't want to miss out on this exclusive offer for this Glow Jellyfish Image Pack. This pack includes a whopping 240 high-quality images featuring glowing jellyfish in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

Download 360+ Funny Fruits and Vegetables

360 PNG files

These photos really speak for themselves and are perfect for a variety of uses. The details in each photo are intricate and are sure to make your project stand out. The variety of the images allows you to choose the ones that best fit your needs.

December 2022 Update
210 Funny and unique animal images

210 PNG files

Owls, bears, tigers and all kinds of furry and cute animals are waiting to be downloaded right now! This collection of stock images is filled with humor and it's perfect for animal-loving artists. Download today and be inspired by the furry friends in this collection!

200+ Delicious images with icecreams and cookies

208 PNG files

Ice cream and cookies are a common snack to consume during a heatwave or just to eat whenever you're in the mood for icecreams and cookies. It's no wonder with the delicious flavors, soft and chewy textures, and the excitement of the toppings for each. 

250 Cyber Woman Images

250 PNG files

Cyber women are a great addition to any science fiction or future project. They have a cybernetic appearance with a human body. They look like they are a cyborg, half human and half machine. They are usually blue in color and have awesome cyber weapons with them.

255 Images with Forest and Nature

255 PNG files

Get access to the best collection of forest images at incredible prices.  With 255 high-quality photos, you'll have more than enough options for whatever project you're working on. From personal use to commercial projects, these images are affordable and perfect for any type of business or industry.

Princess collection with 107 images

107 PNG files

You need pictures that are special and unique, pictures that are of the highest quality and pictures that are saturated with color. Is that asking too much? Of course it isn't! This collection contains images of princesses as well as images of fairy tales. With over 107 stock images, you can't go wrong with our princess collection! 

360 Christmas Related Images

360 PNG files

You may have even started thinking about what you're going to get for your friends and family. Have you started making your Christmas cards and decorating your home?
To help you get into the holiday spirit, we've compiled 360 images for you to download and use in your holiday celebrations.

November 2022 Update
160+ Pictures of Sugar Skulls

160 PNG files

Whether you want to honor and celebrate the lives of the departed, or you need a symbol for rebirth and the removal of negative aspects in life, sugar skulls can serve that purpose for you.

Get this set today !

90 UNIQUE castle images

90 PNG files

With 90 Unique images to choose from, you'll be able to find the perfect castle for your project. Whether you're looking for a castle in a dreamy surrealism landscape or an ancient stone winter castle, we have what you're looking for.

110+ Paintings with Taverns and Villas

117 PNG files

If you want to decorate a wall with a nice image and you need some old style paintings with villas and taverns then this bundle might be for you.

175 Breathtaking Photos Of Winter Landscapes

175 PNG files

You can find 175 winter landscape images with mountains and trees full of snow. Download today this beautiful set with winter landscape images.

128 Spectacular Lighthouse Images

128 PNG files

Download the perfect lighthouse pictures. Find over 125 of the best lighthouse images you will ever find.

If you want to print these images on posters or even if you want to create a photo wallpaper then this bundle might be for you.

157 Macro Flower Bundle

157 PNG files

These floral collections are a must have for any designer's toolbox. I hope you find them as useful as I have!

Perfect for greeting cards, wedding invitations, product packaging, and more.

October 2022 Update
200+ Steampunk characters with evil clowns and skulls

200 PNG files

Find the perfect steampunk characters stock photo on this bundle. You will find a lot of different evil clowns and skulls in this bundle.

Go grab this bundle with an extended commercial license today. An extended commercial license means you can use these graphics for unlimited commercial and personal projects.

120+ Mesmerizing Flower Bundle

120 PNG files

These floral collections are a must have for any designer's toolbox. I hope you find them as useful as I have.

This bundle with flowers is captivating, mesmerizing, effulgent and miraculous!

You will get a lot of flower graphics that are bright, crisp, fresh, and mesmerizing. 

270+ Stock images with different pirate life characters

270 PNG files

Do you want to impress your friends or customers with simple graphics? It does not work anymore. Now you need very good looking graphics to attract their attention.

It doesn't matter what you want to create, whether it's a simple print or a more complex website this bundle with cute pirate animals and skulls will bring you a lot of views.

70+ Holographic Animals

70 PNG files

Today time you can get a bundle with holographic animals. This is something you can find very hard on internet. 

Go grab this bundle with an extended commercial license today. An extended commercial license means you can use these graphics for unlimited commercial and personal projects.


130+ Fantasy Castle Images

130 PNG files

You will be able to download 130 UNIQUE castle images. You will get castles and ruins in dreamy surrealism with scenic background mountain landscapes. You will love these ancient stone winter castle with fantasy snowy landscape and magical luminous passage.

385 Adorable and Unique Animals

385 PNG files

The adorable bundle of cute animals is jam-packed with 385 adorable animal graphics.

Themes range from animal portraits with funny style to surreal unique animals. With this deal you can create products for kids, room decor, children's clothes and textiles, nursery wall art and much more!

September 2022 Update
Anthropomorphic Halloween Graphics

175 PNG files

This bundle covers a wide range of halloween related graphics from simply pumpkins to Anthropomorphic Halloween Graphics.

Go grab this halloween bundle with an extended commercial license today. 

190 Surreal Trees Stock Photos

190 PNG files

If you like surreal photos then this set is perfect for you.

You can use these magnific trees to print on your canvas or you can create amazing backgrounds for your photos. 

115+ Cute School Animals

115 PNG files

These stock images are great for use as digital papers, backgrounds, cover arts, or printed on different objects.
They are perfect for framing and decorating your kids space and even your living space.

110+ Fantasy Magic Mushrooms in Wonderland

110 PNG files

Download a set of fabulous mushrooms in Wonderland.

These images are great for use as digital papers, backgrounds, cover arts, or printed on different objects.

August 2022 Update
Jack o Lantern pack with graphics for Halloween

53 PNG files

Halloween is approaching very fast. Are you ready for it ? If not we have a UNIQUE pack with jack-o'-lantern designs.

To be more specific this deal has 53 images in PNG file format with some unique designs.

Rare and magical bundle with cute animals


These stock images are great for use as digital papers, backgrounds, cover arts, or printed on different objects.

You can print on a wide variety of items like canvas prints, art prints, t-shirts,  and a lot more...

Previous updates...
Hand Drawn Watercolor Elements “Hello Summer“


Download an awesome pack with watercolor items. 

In this set you will find a lot of floral compositions, wreaths, bouquets, patterns ( not seamless ), watercolor and tiles.

Watercolour Wonders “Eternal Spring“


Make watercolour wonders with this set of useful elements. A real pleasure to illustrate, this spring graphics set was created with real desire and enthusiasm. With 144 elements in this bundle you can joyfully juggle the art of beauty.

Watercolour Mini Bundle “Frenzy of Color“


A beautiful collection of watercolor elements.

This mini bundle includes 135 watercolor design files perfect for wedding and other stationery, labels, logos, packaging, branding and much more.

Watercolour Mega Bundle “Early Autumn“


Download my new collection of “Early Autumn” watercolors.
So this is my new multifunctional product with all the beautiful ones
melancholy things we all love in the fall.

Crazy Watercolour Pack ”Pure Madness Art“

Happy to introduce to you my Crazy Watercolour Pack ”Pure Madness Art“. This design asset gives you endless possibilities for your imagination.

Each element is hand painted on paper with watercolor and turned into a creative tool.

In this set you can download:

  • 10 Coloured Girls
  • 5 Girls
  • 22 Individual Elements
  • 8 Messages
  • 6 Mixed Elements
  • 16 Simple Girls
  • 17 Tiles

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